TomTom Spark

TomTom – new Spark set to soar but not for its navigation

I have recently set out to find the perfect watch for my sports which include everything from running, cycling, swimming, basketball.

The usual names came to mind:

Garmin: Great GPS software but most watches require a chest strap – which I find just annoying. Also the price point is not great and most watches are for a particular sport.

Polar: Great watches that also mostly require chest straps. Overly expensive unless sports is your job.

Apple iWatch: This watch is not suitable for rigorous sports and the Health App is mediocre at best. Besides I hate getting my notifications on my phone, laptop, tablet and watch. Also the battery life is shonky at best.

Mio Alpha: Version 1 or 2 seem great but lack the multi-sport setting and data cannot be separated but the built in HRM is at EKG levels of accuracy. Battery life also lacks. This watch is only good for its amazing HRM. Mio Alpha Technology is deployed in most HRM watches.

FitBit: After assessing the Charge HR and Surge both seem to have athletes baffled by the inaccuracy with set routes being equated to far less milage on the watch. FitBit really is more for those not so serious about sport but more so interested in sharing their activities. Have we mentioned the awful battery life?

Now at the IFA 2015 TomTom Spark was announced as TomTom is muscling in on the market dominated by FitBit in recent days. TomTom is serious about winning this space.

This watch has it all:

  • Accurate GPS
  • Built in Heart Rate Monitor
  • MultiSport Functions
  • 5 ATM – that is around 50 metres of dive
  • Great App and Software
  • Amazing battery life of upto 30 days – this reduces when you use the GPS and HRM continously
  • The better models include preloaded tracks by Ministry of Sound and have unto 5GB of data so you can hold your music on your phone and leave your phone at home – you need a Bluetooth headset to listen to the music.
  • Price – TomTom Spark will be available form from AUD$199 for the base model and AUD$349 for the top of the line model with built in HRM and Music.

Tom Tom NV which is currently trading on at just below $10 a share is ready to make a dint in this market space as the pre-orders at Harvey Norman are going strong according to staff.

We are long on TomTom given the aggression TomTom is showing on this this wearable tech.

TomTom also has sights set on breaching the GoPro space with its contender and award winner the TomTom Bandit.


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