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Square – IPO grab it now

Jack Dorsey has wiggled his way into the top job at Square and his Twitter tool box is close at hand. The IPO conversation has started with the NYSE. And although Twitter recently announced the firing of around 300 employees the IPO was a huge success.

Square has made great headways in the last 12 months with its global expansion plans for its payments processor after compliance and international transaction borders were freely navigated by platforms like Stripe Payments and others.

Square has one strong advantage in its global advances in that many business globally are already utilising Square’s best-in-class POS software. The current push in ASEAN and success in Japan, one of the toughest markets for market penetration and compliance, for instance is only a sign of bigger things to come for this provider.

The IPO price is yet undisclosed but we remain confident that the IPO and Square value proposition is a strong pitch. We say buy the IPO.

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