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Volkswagen – No harm done.

So the American’s put up a little fight and want to punish the German car industry. The fundamentals at VW remain the same.  Good cars, strong sales. One could easily run and sell stocks. But we say – buy in this gloom. The resignation of the CEO at VW already seems as a overkill outcome as nobody at VW really considers this a breach worthy of resignation.

However rumours have it that the current CEO of Porsche is the pipeline for the top job.

At the end of the day the seatbelts are safe, the brakes are working and all other customer safety matters remain a non-issue at VW. Emissions are a good will factor amongst car manufacturers as it is – as American Muscle cars do not even pretend to be interested in the emission conversation as grunt is all that matters.

VW is currently available at a 30-40% discount and the stock is already showing resistance at $100. We have expanded purchases for any stock under $110. If you are not buying this stock than you may as well stop pretending to be a investor.

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