Steve Jobs wrong about ideal screen size

It seems Steve Jobs was wrong about the perfect iPhone size

Many people claim Apple lost its spirit and innovation. This comes up ever time Apple releases a new iPhone and iPad and it is missing the little something and this is due to the fact that Steve Jobs is not around anymore.
One may argue about this but the interesting fact everyone should keep in mind that it was Tim Cook who brought us the new iPhones and iPads millions and millions of people are preordering every year before launch.

And in fact the numbers show that Steve Jobs was wrong about the perfect iPhone and iPad. Only a few might remember that Jobs once said that the perfect size for an iPhone was 3.5inch and 9.7inch for an iPad and that it would make no sense to build a bigger or smaller iPhone nor iPad.
Actually this was the reason why it took Apple so long to build the iPad mini.

Surprisingly the latest pre-ordering numbers show a dramatic change in what people prefer nowadays. Last weekend Apple started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 6s and the once who followed it over the last days have been able to see an astonishing trend:

While on Sunday people in most countries where still able to buy an iPhone 6 in several different colours and configurations, the users looking to buy an iPhone 6s plus were already looking at a 3-4 weeks waiting list.

Does this show that the iPhone 6s plus has a higher support from the current mobile phone user?
This might be true but it could also be that Apple had produced fare more normal sized iPhones then iPhone 6s plus.

However we have to keep in mind that the profit margin of the iPhone 6 plus was slightly higher than on the regular iPhone 6 (73 vs 75%).

By the end time and sheer numbers will tell if users are switching towards bigger iPhones but we have to realise that this would not have happened under Steve Jobs. 


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