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Saudi Royals reshuffle the playbook – Iran targets

Israelis leader Netanyahu put Iran in the scope of the US and UN and has never regretted anything more in his lifetime. Not only did Netanyahu put Iran into the scope via lies and fabricated stories about nuclear levels – he was also declared a liar by the the former head of his own Intelligence Service Mossad.

3 years later and we have a highly compliant Iran with a stamp of approval from the UN. The US is incapable of fabricating a reason to fight with Iran or deploying troops to any degree. The Obama administration has taken a stance to work with partners in the Middle East rather than dominating the discussion. Much to the dismay of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Shia muslims of Iran and the Sunni muslims of Saudi are in greater respect now battling over control of the Middle East and Yemen is the greatest land to conquer for both parties. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) needs it to shelter itself from attacks and the Iranians as a intelligence and warfare key point.

The KSA is reshuffling the playbook by changing the succession plan and bringing in US educated Mohammed bin Nayef as the Crown Prince. This is a far more strategic plan as would initially appear as he was trained by the FBI and Scotland Yard on anti-terrorism and was actively involved in rolling out a counter-insurgency program. He is going to be play a key role in displaying a softer and better PR for the Kingdom.

The KSA is setting itself up to work closer with the US and presenting itself as a non violent target for Iran. The US has accepted that Iran is a no go for the armed forces as the UN has excluded any need for intervention. The US has however insisted on a naval presence amidst a recent cargo vessel issue where Iran took control of a Maersk freighter. The US Navy is currently escorting vessels in the Strait of Hormuz.

This is a key moment for the US-Iran relations as the US seeks to partner rather than control in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia seems hell bend on ensuring that no alliances are forged between the US and Iran and will present its case once Iran will makes its first move via Yemen.

All these factors seem to play well into the hands of Israel who are sitting back and watching it unfold. Israels’ relations with the US are weaker than ever in recent history given the inhumane treatment of Palestine and exposure of such via Social Media and the Obama administration admitting that alliances of the past had little to no success in maintaining peace in the Middle East.

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