Herzog and Netanyahu

Israel Election 2015. It is not over yet.

Mr Netanyahu claims victory in the election this month in 2015 over his rival Mr Herzog. Are the elections won because of his strength or the oppositions weakness?

Israelis claiming that it is uninspiring choices that made the victory happen.

Mr Herzog ran a clean campaign and with his Zionist Union agenda and ran far left from what Israel is used to. His plea for Arabic Votes was unheard as Netanyahu attained the right winged views in Israel of never allowing a Palestinian state.

Not all was lost however as the arabic parties have won a total of 13 seats which make it the third largest alliance in the house of 120 seats.

Whilst the public showed an interest in Mr Herzog and his friendly approach with their neighbours – the mainstream wounds are still too fresh and the trust is simply not there yet. The public wants a change but not to the degree as offered by Mr Herzog currently.

Netanyahus ties with the US has been heavily under scrutiny as the US showed a less lenient view towards Israel in its inhuman treatment of its neighbours and as many call it ‘racist’ approach to middle eastern politics.

A recently retired head of Mossad also made damning revelations about Mr Netanyahu, who he accused of reproducing intelligence reports with false data in reference to Iran’s nuclear program to convince the UN to place sanctions and monitoring programs on Iran. The true and honest data showed Mr Netanyahu was clearly advised by his intelligence service that there was no threat posed by Iran. The communication to the UN shows that Mr Netanyahu presented this data after falsifying the content.

The votes are still currently being counted and whilst we are not expecting for Mr Herzog to pull a rabbit out of his hat we are certain that the the population in Israel is heading down the peaceful track of change.

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