2015 Outlook on Currencies

2015 saw a bullish market on the USD rates with Janet Yellen being tipped across the range to increase interest rates in Q1. Official minutes however made a clear indication that this is not the case at least until April. The major SP500 started with losses on major downs on the commodity pricing changes with oil finally trading under $50 a barrel in the first week of 2015.

The Euro is seeing immense pressure from Greece who are hoping to restructure their debt again and possibly exit the currency back to the old Drachma. Europe however continues to balance the books with a amazing economic performances in Germany.

The Japanese Yen is at an epic low and will likely continue this journey which plays well into the Abenomics policies of 2013 which are being replayed now in 2015.

They Pound Sterling continues on a free fall from the since June in 2014 and there seem to be no bulls in sight with political tensions with Scotland’s independence call always in mind.

The Australian Dollar is rather balanced and awaiting guidance from Q1 Chinese performance indicators. The AUD is likely to fall as Chinese manufacturing will slow to accommodate new environmental goals as aligned with the US.

OPEC maintains standard volume output and  has adjusted pricing in hope that shale drilling in the US will fail as firms collapse under the new pricing.

With this guidance we are saying that overall on our currency positions we are seeking a long USD, short EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD.

Whilst day trades will see various option of long and short and long opportunities these are you long term trades recommendations.


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