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Apple – needs a game changer to break into the $100’s

Apple has been trading the high $90’s domain for much of the month with little to no downward pressure at all. China has reportedly begun production on items for a Q4 release. Speculations of a larger screen on the iPad and iPhone range is seeing some real traction in speculative buying. Apple iOs 8 does not seem to have blown away investors when it was announced in the during the WWDC conference. Samsung is really pushing the price and innovation envelope that little further away from Apple with the most recent introduction of lifestyle products to compliments its phone business. Samsung has no timeline commitments as does Apple and drops new products with little to no announcements lately. Will larger screens and better battery performance be sufficient? We do not think so – much like the 5S release we think it is too little too late and a catch up policy in the highly dynamic smart phone and tablet market does simply not cut it. There is clearly some room for speculative buying behaviour in the short term. The long term outlook is however bearish with product releases not frequent enough to compete with the likes of Samsung.

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